Does Keyword in Domain Name Help SEO

Does Keyword in Domain Name Help SEO

In this article, you are going to see keywords in the domain names. Before entering into the analysis or interpretation of keyword in the domain name you should know 2 important terms i.e. EMD and PMD.Do you want to know How to do Competitor research in the right way?

What is EMD?

EMD is the Exact Match Domain. For example, if you search in Google for the term diapers then would be the Exact Match Domain. EMD can be a single word like or a phrase such as

So what is PMD?

PMD is a Partial Match Domain. Let’s have an example for Partial Match Domain.

Here, the keyword is ‘pay' and the domain name is ‘awepay’, where ‘pay’ is half of the domain name. Since it's partially matching with the keyword, it is called Partial Match Domain. Let's come back to keywords in domain name research data. As you already know, the X-axis in this graph represents the ranking of the search results in the Google search engine.

Whereas the y axis represents the percentage of presence of keywords in the domain name. As usual, let's skip the first search result and let's analyze from the 2nd one to the last one.

Over the period of years, the keyword in the domain name has reduced from 8% to around 5%. Not only that, but the correlation factor is also -2%. So a domain with a keyword in it gives a lower ranking compared to the ones which don’t have the keyword in their domain name.

Does Keyword in Domain Name Help
Does Keyword in Domain Name Help SEO-Learning.XYZ

So, What you can infer from this research?

Before coming to a conclusion, read this tweet from Matt Cutts from Google. He had tweeted Google also change. It's nothing but an algorithm change, which will reduce the low-quality exact match domains in search results. Here is a graph of the immediate effect after that Google also change.

The exact match domain post which was in the first search result was moved to 11th position and the post with exact match domain in around 12 to 13th position was moved to 41 and you can see the rest in this image itself. High positions study indicated that the average EMD ranking went from #13.4 to #26.6 and the average top 10 Exact Match Domain went from #3.2 to #12.

Here you can see the graph of PMD influence, where the X-axis represents the time period from April to august i.e., before and after the algorithm change. On April 4, 5.5% of search results were influenced by Partial Match Domains, which has got reduced considerably on August 22 to just 4%, and year by year this influence has got reduced considerably.

So what is the final outcome of this research?

If you are going to buy a new domain, don't look for the keyword in your domain name. Instead of giving a search ranking boost, it will push you behind in the search results. So while buying a domain name, instead of searching for a new domain with a keyword in it, buy some unique and catchy domain name, build some new brand around it and attain higher domain seo visibility or authority.

In the next article, let's see the importance of HTTPS or the secured HTTPS protocol.

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