Properly Use and Create Sitemap

Properly Use and Create Sitemap |

In this article, we are going to create a sitemap for your WordPress website. What is a site map? It’s nothing but a webpage, which contains every link that is to be indexed on your website. This webpage consists of just links alone. Now let’s see how to create it?

 Create A Sitemap For Your
Create A Sitemap For Your Website-SEO-Learning.XYZ

Go to WordPress dashboard, next plugins, and click add new. Search for Yoast seo. Install the plugin. Once installed, activate the plugin. Now go to seo on the left side panel and click General. Then go to the features tab and make sure the XML sitemaps feature is turned ON. This is the sitemap that is created by the Yoast seo plugin. When Google crawls this page, it will detect all these links and it will follow these links, which will contain a list of other links.

Create A Sitemap For Your
Create A Sitemap For Your Website-SEO-Learning.XYZ

This list contains all the posts on my website and this link contains all the pages of my website. So, to submit the entire sitemap to Google or other search engines then you can use this sitemap URL i.e., or We have installed Yoast seo plugin and we have created an XML sitemap in this lecture.

In the next article, you will learn how to add our website to the Google search console.

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